Janet Lee Constantine is a well-known American singer and songwriter who is also Leon Russell’s wife. Leon’s second wife, Constantine, had three daughters with him. In addition, Sugaree Noel Bridges, Coco Bridges, and Honey Bridges are the children.

You will thus discover more about Janet Lee Constantine in this article. You will also learn more about how Leon and Janet met. To find out more about Constantine, see this article.

Personal Information

Janet Lee Constantine in full

Birthdate: Unknown

Birthplace: United States of America

Marriage date: February 6, 1983

Leon Russell is the spouse.

Younger siblings: Honey, Coco, and Sugaree Noel Bridges

Work: Not specified

Janet Lee Constantine’s Early Life

Although her exact birthdate is uncertain, Janet Lee Constantine is an American. Additionally, nothing is known about her upbringing, family, or schooling. As soon as we learn more about Janet’s early life, we’ll let you know.

When Was the Wedding of Janet Lee Constantine?

Leon Russell and Janet Lee were wed on February 6, 1983. However, Leon had a wife named Mary McCreary prior to their marriage. Mary and Leon were wed from 1975 till 1980. Although the exact cause of their split is unknown, we strongly believe it was a marital argument.

What Is Janet Lee Constantine’s Child Population?

All three of Janet’s children are females. Sugaree Noel Bridges, Coco Bridges, and Honey Bridges are their names. They are Leon Russell’s offspring as well. Russell, nevertheless, is a father to six kids in all. He and Carla McHenry had a daughter together before he married Mary. Leon had a son and a daughter with McCreary after their marriage.

October 9, 1982 was Sugaree’s birthday, April 29, 1990 was Coco’s, and January 19, 1986 was Honey’s.

What kind of work did Janet do?

The nature of Janet Lee Constantine’s career is unclear. Her husband was a singer and songwriter, aside from that. From 1956 to 2016, Leon Russell pursued his musical career. His genres included R&B, gospel, country, and rock. Leon was also a bass guitarist, guitarist, baritone horn player, and keyboardist.

Sugaree Noel Bridges and Coco Bridges, Janet’s children, work in the music business. On his dad’s record, Coco sang background vocals. In addition, Sugaree has a record titled The American Dream.

Leon Russell’s death: Was he Janet Lee Constantine’s husband?

Prior to his demise, Leon suffered from a cardiac condition that required heart surgery in 2010. Leon went six years without doing anything special. Russell also suffered a heart attack in July 2016 but was saved. Russell passed away peacefully on November 13, 2016, as he was recuperating.

His funeral took place at Victory Baptist Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, on November 18, 2016. Furthermore, The Oral Roberts University Mabee Center hosted a public commemoration on November 20, 2016. Russell was laid to rest in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Memorial Park Cemetery.

74 years old was Leon Russell’s age of death.

In summary

The life of Janet Lee Constantine is private. Consequently, not much is known about her life. But we have learned pertinent information about her. We hope this information regarding Leon Russell’s wife has opened your eyes.

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