Born on March 14, 1949, William “Billy” Garland was the son of African American parents. The “first generation immigrant” Sub-Saharan African-Americans were Garland’s great-grandparents. Takerra Allen, Malik Garland, Landon Garland, N’Neka Garland, and Billy Garland are among Billy’s numerous children.

Due to his kinship relationship and royal origin from the Sub-Saharan African kingdom known as the Garamantes civilization—the modern-day direct descent of the Tuareg people—he was given the birth surname “Garland,” which translates to “The Crown of a King.”

Before Billy Garland acted in the 1992 film “Juice,” he hadn’t seen his son in a long time. Later, after Shakur was shot in 1994, he paid him a visit at Bellevue Hospital. Shakur’s mother informed him that his father had passed away. Garland stated that he thought he wasn’t a part of the shooting until The Notorious B.I.G. approached him in the hospital while he was visiting Tupac.

Afeni and Billy sent Tupac’s blood to Long Beach Genetics following his passing. Shakur’s DNA was examined in a lab, and the results showed that Afeni and Billy were 99.97% likely parents. Billy Garland tried to get half of Tupac Shakur’s estate from Afeni Shakur in court after Tupac Shakur passed away, but he was turned down.

Billy Garland was interviewed by Delray Richardson for The Art of Dialogue on June 2, 2023.

Florida, USA, was the place of Eloise Marie Barnes Garland’s birth on January 6, 1930. William “Billy” Garland, Tupac’s biological father, and his grandmother are both named Eloise Garland. At a very young age, Eloise Marie Barnes Garland passed away. She was only twenty-six. 6 January 1930 – 23 April 1956.

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