Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to my brother, Mr. Demar Tyson, for producing a periodical that helps people cope with the harsh reality of jail and for being such a great source of inspiration. I’m Walter Tut Johnson, and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. To demonstrate to you what occurs when you set aside time to work on yourself, I gave you a photo of myself. You notice the smile on my face? There was a moment when I felt as though I had nothing at all to be happy about, therefore I was unable to smile.

I realized one day, as I gazed into the mirror, that the person I had been for so long wasn’t the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life as. I made the decision to take action, and after a protracted and difficult time of soul-searching, I at last discovered the means by which I could destroy the old me and create a new, confident version of myself. I had no real purpose or meaning in life when I was younger, and it was this lack of positive interest that led me to make a lot of poor decisions. Nothing about me is unique; in terms of my strengths, weaknesses, and desire to stand out in the world, I’m just like you. My issue was that I attempted to cut corners in the majority of my projects and wasted time and effort on unwise endeavors. However, I started doing the things that make a winner when the time came and I became tired of being that loser who never knew how to take a smart shortcut. As I become more conscious of my surroundings, I realized that a selfish guy could never truly love his family, community, country, or himself. Subsequently, I altered my perspective on individuals, locations, and objects. I began to approach programs that required discipline with initiative, viewing individuals as allies rather than opponents. You notice that I am holding the credential.It’s proof that I completed the requirements set out by the Department of Labor in order to become an apprentice as a “Hospital Sanitary Technician” years ago, but that wouldn’t have mattered to me because my heart and head weren’t in the right places. I’m not the same old-school criminal that stalks prison grounds, stabbing, fighting, and sticking people up. I’m a modest, proud, and experienced grandfather who values public safety.

In addition to teaching victim impact seminars and spiritual awareness, crisis management, the road to redemption, deglorification of gang lifestyles, and reaching out to educate young people through the Keith Watkins No Kids Left Behind Program, I also teach crisis management.

My current objectives are to enable people to make wise judgments and accept accountability for their words and deeds by giving them the freedom to do as they like. to help people change from criminals, gangsters, and prisoners into wholesome, well-aware members of society. to proudly serve the communities we harmed by inspiring others to redefine what it means to be a man. to assist other men, like myself, in acquiring the knowledge and abilities required to become loving fathers.

Wolfgang “TUT” Johnson and capable of successfully guiding their families through life’s challenges and storms. Men who respect and appreciate life and who, when circumstances do not go their way, do not lose their cool or resort to violence. I urge our communities to rise up and acknowledge that, like the Phoenix, the most qualified fathers and mothers are frequently reborn from the faults of their harmful previous behavior. Develop self-control and discipline yourself. If we can all gain some self-control via self-sacrifice, we can all skillfully and lovingly retake our communities. Day by day, and step by step, we get them back. I personally forgive everyone who has ever violated me, and I ask for your forgiveness for my previous actions. I love you all. My greatest adversary was myself, and every day, my former persona gets progressively more distant.


Being in love with you and not being able to see you every day is difficult. There have been moments when I would give anything to gaze into your eyes and spend a few minutes holding you in my arms. When we’re apart, I feel incomplete, like a piece of myself is gone. Although I am aware that things must be this way for the time being, that knowledge doesn’t make things any easier to handle. I’m reminded of the delight you bring to my life and the joy we’re missing every day that passes without you. Never forget that I adore you, that I think of you often, and that I am counting down the minutes till we can come back together.