The Greatest Sneakers for Metatarsal Stress Fractures

If you have a metatarsal stress fracture, you are aware of how painful and uncomfortable it may be to walk or run. But fear not—we’ve got your feet covered. Or should we say, your back? Our goal is to assist you in locating the appropriate shoes to reduce your discomfort and let you stand again.

The secret is to opt for footwear that offers midfoot support and cushioning. By doing so, you may lessen the pressure on the injured bone and help your weight be distributed more evenly throughout your foot.

Certain shoe characteristics, like a metatarsal pad that can offer targeted support to the problematic area or a rocker sole that relieves pressure on the forefoot, can help with this. Wider toe boxes on shoes can also be beneficial since they provide your toes greater space to move and lessen the chance of putting further strain on the metatarsals.

Thus, if you’re prepared to bid suffering farewell and welcome to comfort and support, continue reading for our top selections of the finest shoes for relieving metatarsal stress fractures. Your feet will always be appreciative!

What Are Stress Fractures in the Metatarsals and Why Do They Occur?

Let us first discuss what a metatarsal stress fracture is. One of the five long bones in the middle of your foot has a little crack in it that may develop from excessive use, bad shoes, or an abrupt increase in physical activity. Athletes, particularly runners and dancers, frequently sustain this injury.

Why Do They Occur?

Becoming underweight

Although it may seem paradoxical, being lighter can actually increase your risk of metatarsal stress fractures. This is due to the fact that your bones are more susceptible to breaking if you have less fat and muscle to support them.

Our Top Picks for the Best 3 Shoes for Metatarsal Stress Fracture

1. The editor’s choice shoe for metatarsal stress fractures is the men’s Skechers shoe sneaker.

If you have a metatarsal stress fracture, you understand how crucial it is to look for your feet. The Men’s Cushioning Walking Shoe from Skechers is made with several characteristics that can help reduce discomfort in order to do just that.

Crafted with a plush leather upper that firmly fits your feet. The construction of this shoe allows it to completely fit the curve of your unique foot while giving the metatarsals outstanding stability and support.

Additionally, the flexible forefoot of this sneaker ensures a comfortable fit, and the padded collar prevents any rubbing. All you have to do to get started is take off the laces and insole.

You’re guaranteed to find a pair that complements your taste and style thanks to the variety of sizes and colors available. The traditional black or gray alternatives are recommended for individuals who want a more understated appearance.

The best part is that this shoe is affordable, and you can try it on risk-free thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee. So go ahead and get the Skechers Men’s Cushioning Walking Shoe and reward your feet to the comfort they deserve.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • High-quality leather covering for a snug fit
  • high-rebound cushioning with an insole using Air Cooled Goga Mat technology
  • Washable in a machine
  • accessible in an extensive array of colors and sizes
  • Reasonably priced
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Shoes were stiff and firm rubber
  • Running small

2. GlideRide Women’s Shoes by ASICS for Metatarsal Pain

Our top choice for the finest running shoes for metatarsal stress fractures is the ASICS Women’s GlideRide Running Shoes. These sneakers have a felt sole for durability and a synthetic and mesh upper for breathability.

With its rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system, it helps protect your feet from the impact of running by absorbing shock.

Because of its FlyteFoam Midsole Technology, it has outstanding lightweight cushioning and support. This might be crucial in assisting you in preventing injury if you are training for a marathon.

Your foot’s arch can receive stability and support from the GUIDESOLE Technology. If stress fractures are something you are prone to, this can be quite beneficial. The upper is made of designed mesh, which contributes to flexibility and breathability. For instance, the mesh will support and handle a high arch.

You can get the ideal pair of Asics Women’s GlideRide Running Shoes because they are available in an array of colors and sizes.

We noticed that the toe box of the shoes seemed a little snug. On the other hand, we discovered that they fit flawlessly if we went up a half size. All things considered, if you have a metatarsal stress fracture, the ASICS Women’s GlideRide boots are a great option.


  • To help absorb shock, it has a rearfoot GEL technology (cushioning system).
  • Come in various hues and dimensions.
  • It has excellent support and is lightweight.
  • Because the mesh is flexible, it can fit a variety of foot shapes.
  • lightweight support and cushioning


  • The toe area could feel a little constricted.
  • Toe senses that it is sleeping.

3. Brooks Ghost 11 – The Best All Around

The Brooks Ghost 11 provided a comfortable, steady ride with lots of cushioning to shield our feet from the shock of running, which we found to be quite appealing. In addition, the shoes were incredibly light and fit snugly. For instance, the EE width option weights somewhat more at 11.7 ounces, whereas the D width option weighs slightly more at little over 10 ounces.

Compared to its predecessor, this product features an upgraded top design that is more comfortable and breathable. In order to accommodate people with broader feet, the toe box has also been expanded.

You can choose a pair that fits your taste because they come in a variety of colors and designs.

In addition, the Ghost 11 comes with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with them, you can swap or return them. For instance, Brooks will work with you to locate an alternative size that fits better if you have any problems with the fit.

Furthermore, the shoe sizing guarantees that you receive the proper breadth for your feet, and the Lace-Up closure offers a snug and comfortable fit. For those who have fallen or high arches, the foot support is excellent as well.

Given that it provides an excellent combination of cushioning, we believe it to be among the best shoes available for metatarsal stress fractures. It is also incredibly adaptable and may be utilized for a range of exercises, including cross-training, walking, and running.


  • Ultralightweight and cozy
  • dependable fit
  • accessible in an extensive array of hues and patterns
  • With a 60-day satisfaction guarantee in place


  • Nothing that we could locate

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