The Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees in 2024

There is a risk associated with every joint movement; there is no such thing as idleness in life. Running can put your knees through such much strain that, over time, the soft tissues in your knee joint deteriorate. This causes plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and other diseases in addition to knee pain that can spread to the hips and knees.

Over time, knee pain may develop as a result of your running technique. When you strike your heel, for instance, the force of your stride goes through your heel block, up your legs, and into your knees. To prevent this, it is preferable to tread with your front or middle foot.

To wave goodbye to those pesky knee problems, all you need are running shoes with sufficient padding, soft midsoles, soft arch support, and a midsole that efficiently prevents stress.

Good running shoes might help you enjoy running more and lessen knee pain. If your doctor has given the all-clear to resume running, here are several shoes that can help cushion your knees and joints for an amazing run.

Top Running Shoes for Arthritis

Hoka Arahi 6

Hoka designed the Arahi for those who dislike the stiffness and rigidity that stability shoes frequently feature. This Arahi model may come equipped with Hoka’s J-Frame technology.

J-Frame technology is a molded foam component fashioned like a j that is designed to provide comfort and support where it’s needed, specifically at the medial or inner border of your shoe. This innovative design offers a responsive, comfortable ride without the use of hard, inflexible materials, all while reducing weight.

Customers praise the stability of this shoe, which makes it perfect for anyone who don’t want to aggravate pre-existing knee, shin, or ankle ailments.

  • 269g in weight
  • The height differential between the horizontal levels of the toe and the heel is 5 millimeters. more padding for people who strike their heels.)
  • Neutral stability (for runners with a normal gait, meaning they don’t use assistance technology to compensate for over- or underpronation)
  • Cushion: responsive (toe off quickly and responsively thanks to lower-level cushioning)
  • Fit: Accurate to size
  • terrific dynamic stability and responsiveness make this trainer a terrific choice.
  • Avoid: It’s possible that updates to earlier models aren’t very important.
  • Based on 327 reviews from Hoka,, and Amazon, the star rating is 4.52/5.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

It’s the ingenious GuideRails design by Brooks that makes these sneakers unique. The guiding rails provide support, limit excessive ankle movement, and provide each wearer a unique experience. The help you need is being given to you without your knowing.

This shoe’s upper is form-fitting, ventilates effectively, and keeps the plush comfort you know and love from Brooks. It looks well overall, though. Longer runs seem easier because of all of this. While you’re jogging, you can even look down to see how firmly your ankle is supported as it hits the ground.

These knee pain sneakers are also appropriate for all age groups. Elderly people can put these shoes on and run to end their suffering.

  • 289.2g in weight
  • Midsole drop: 12 mm is the height difference between the midsole’s horizontal level and the toe’s horizontal level. more padding for people who strike their heels.)
  • Experience: cushion (for runners who, instead of wearing shoes made for speed or trail, need cushioning to support their stride)
  • Assistance: aiding (Support is the amount that your body changes throughout the transition from a relaxed to a running stride from its normal movement pattern. High deviators benefit from Brooks support systems, which help them realign their bodies with their natural gaits.)
  • Fit: Accurate to size.
  • ✅ Brand reliability, strong style, and excellent support are reasons to purchase.
  • Causes to stay away from:  Not as many color choices or large size possibilities for narrow foot. Maybe not as good as the 21st century before.
  • Star Rating: 4.2/5 (derived from 633 reviews on and 792 reviews throughout Brooks)

Asics GT 2000

Since the force goes up the leg and erodes the knee cartilage, running with strong heel strikes may make knee soreness worse. If you get knee pain when walking on your heels, think about getting a shoe made especially for heel shock absorption.

For those who like more cushioning in the heel area, the ASICS GT-2000 10 is an excellent choice. A thick layer of EVA foam, a firm rubber outsole, and a padded insole work together to provide plenty of cushioning that will be appreciated by strong heel strikers. Improved FlyteFoam Propel technology—a yellow material that adds more spring to every step—is a feature of this model. To provide even softer landings, the heel also features ASICS GEL technology.

The part that absorbs stress assists in preventing energy from passing through the legs and into the knees.

  • 280g in weight
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 8mm is the height differential between the heel and toe’s horizontal levels. more padding for people who strike their heels.)
  • Steadiness: for excessive pronators (The foot lands on the outside of the heel and rolls abnormally inward, putting weight to the inner border of the foot rather than the ball.)
  • Cushion: balanced (your step will rebound more quickly thanks to a layer of FLYTEFOAMTM Propel cushioning underfoot.)
  • Fit: In terms of width and length, true to size.
  • ✅ Reasons to purchase: According to some reviewers, this shoe isn’t as supportive to overpronators as earlier iterations were.
  • Avoid these reasons: It might not be as beneficial for over-pronators as earlier versions, according to some unfavorable evaluations.
  • Star Rating: 4.6/5 (derived from 186 reviews on ASICS and 11 reviews on

Hoka Gaviota 4

Hoka advises against using the Gaviota 4 model for overpronators. The Gaviota 4, one of Hoka’s softest running shoes, offers enough stability to correct overpronation and even more cushioning and stability than the Arahi, another Hoka shoe.

Overpronating (the runner’s foot sinking in too much) is a common cause of knee soreness. It’s common to find that a great shoe resolves these problems by improving comfort and cushioning as well as helping to steer and control the feet when running.

The J-Frame innovation allows the Gaviota 4 to do both roles. The J-Frame is a j-shaped support structure that runs the length of the shoe to provide medial (inside) aid to your foot if you have knee problems caused by overpronation.

The “cloud-like” cushioning of this shoe is a combination of rubber and EVA foam. One of Hoka’s lightest shoes for knee discomfort is the Gaviota 4.

  • 319g in weight
  • The height differential between the horizontal levels of the toe and the heel is 5 millimeters. more padding for people who strike their heels.)
  • For runners who overpronate or have a propensity to roll their ankle inward, stability is steady.
  • Cushion: plush (the most cushioning possible for a smooth, impact-free ride) 
  • Fit: Accurate to size.
  • ✅ Benefits of purchasing: extremely comfortable and stable.
  • Avoid: Because of the plush cushioning, these shoes don’t move as quickly as other models.

Based on 228 reviews from Amazon,, and Hoka, the star rating is 4.53/5.

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