As the primary instructor for Tayba Foundation, Lumumba Shakur oversees the creation of courses, engages students, provides mentoring, and answers inquiries from students. Before going to college, in 1997, he converted to Islam. Because there weren’t many classically qualified scholars in his area, he studied classical Islam through reputable online and distance learning institutions.

After graduating from college, he also spent a lot of time working in residential treatment facilities, where he was exposed to a demographic that was strikingly comparable to Tayba’s current student body.

Regarding his own religious studies, Lumumba has added to his online research on fiqh, usul, hadith, aqida, and logic by individual readings, discussions with academics, and weekend retreats. He recently received his diploma from a three-year distance-learning program in classical Arabic as well.

Owing to his own educational journey, he is well aware of the difficulties Tayba’s students encounter when attempting to learn via online courses. His main responsibility is to help refine the “nuts and bolts” of class offerings while supporting clients in their quest to master materials and successfully adapt what they have learned as part of their overall personal development and growth as returning citizens and future contributing members of the American Muslim community. He is honored by the opportunity to aid in the character development of those who are frequently neglected by society.

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