Stretch marks quotes for moms Body

When a baby is in the mother’s stomach, it causes stretch marks on the mother’s stomach. These stretch marks are proof that when a mother keeps a child in her stomach, she has to suffer so much. It is a sign of the love of a mother towards her child. It is also a sign of tolerance of a mother. This stretch mark is a sign of motherhood.

Many people also call it bad because they feel that it reduces the beauty of the woman. But we feel that this mark gives success in completing the stage of becoming a mother. The special thing about these stretch marks is that they are only in the luck of the mother. I think it is a matter of pride for mothers.

If you have a baby in your stomach and you feel ashamed because of these stretch marks, then this article has been written for you. Your shame will end after reading this article. After reading this article you will feel proud of yourself. For the mothers who have stretch marks while pregnant, the quotes are as follows:-

1. I am beautiful. These stretch marks of mine are proof that I am going to bring a new creature in this world.

2. These stretch marks symbolize that my body is full of life. My body is strong. My body has made me proud to be a mother.

3. Stretch marks are the best literature that you can read anytime.

4. Stretch marks are proof that I am a lioness. Who has earned his stripes.

5. Stretch marks make a mother aware, when they happen, the mother kisses them.

6. Stretch marks are normal which bring peace to a mother’s body.

7. My stretch marks are the first petting of my unborn baby.

8. Stretch marks are like mistakes that you hate but it is a sign that you are growing.

9. Stretch marks are necessary to become a mother.

10. Sometimes the power of motherhood is greater than the natural laws.

If you are also a mother and are troubled by stretch marks, then this stretch mark is not a problem but a matter of pride. You can read these above messages to increase your confidence towards these stretch marks.

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