What Happened to Atila Altaunbay, the Controversial Bodyguard-Turned-Boss-Husband

Despite being an actor, Atila Altaunbay wasn’t well-known for his skill. His romantic life cleared the path for him. His former boss and now wife, Grace Jones, is still well-known in the entertainment industry. He accepted that having her in his life was his ticket to stardom.

Born in Jamaica, Grace Jones—also called Grace Beverly Jones—is well-known as a Jamaican mannequin. She was born on May 19, 1948, in Spanish Town, Jamaica, to Mr. Robert W. Jones and Marjorie Jones.

In the 1970s, Grace became well-known for her exceptional flair and beautiful voice. At the time, she was among the most well-known and talked-about celebrities. She started out as a model, but eventually broadened her interests to include acting and music. She continues to win people over.

Grace met her bodyguard Atila, who helped her discover the mysterious thing called love. Their marriage created a lot of agitation.

Their marriage, which at first made headlines, was short-lived, as the estranged couple eventually parted ways without filing for a legal divorce. Though Atila’s marriage and subsequent split from Grace have kept him in the spotlight, not much is known about his pursuits in show business.

The Early Life and Education of Atila Altaunbay

Little is known about Atila’s early years and education. Nonetheless, it is proven that he was born into a Muslim household in Turkey in 1976. Despite being born in Turkey, Atila lived a large part of his early years in Belgium.

In order to avoid unwelcome media intervention in his parents’ lives, Atila Altaunbay would rather withhold information about them. Atila is still referred to as Grace Jones’s ex-husband.

Atila spent a short time studying while pursuing his official education in his homeland of Turkey. He continued on to receive official training in martial arts, CPR, AED, and other physically demanding subjects relevant to his line of work as a bodyguard.

Atila Altaunbay’s Profession

When Atila first started his career, he was a pizza delivery boy in Belgium. He was working for a security agency at the time. After receiving acknowledgement from Grace, his career flourished.

He took on the position of Grace Jones’ bodyguard before developing romantic feelings for her. Their romance endured, although it was brief. Because of his bond with Grace, he was able to pursue opportunities in modeling and film appearances.

The union of Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones

Atila Altaunbay and Grace Beverly Jones first met in Belgium, when Grace asked him to be her bodyguard. Rumor had it that Grace was having an affair with her bodyguards. She made a marriage proposal to Atila four months after they first met, suggesting that their relationship was different.

The pair got married in a low-key ceremony in a private home in Rio de Janeiro’s Presbyterian Ministry Area on February 24, 1996. There were only fifty in attendance. Their honeymoon was spent in New York.

Atila’s marriage to Grace, however, severely damaged his bond with his family. This was due to the Turkish Muslim custom that the oldest sibling should marry before the youngest. Atila’s marriage defied social expectations as the youngest son in the family, which caused tension with his in-laws.

Still, he severed his relationship with his family and started over in Brazil with his wife, Grace. When Atila married Grace Jones, he was 21 years old, and Jones was 48 years old. The couple’s age difference came to a total of 27 years.

What Was the Status of Atila Altaunbay and Grace’s Marriage?

As was already said, Atila and Grace’s marriage was short-lived. The pair parted ways after eight years together, although they never divorced. In a TV appearance, Grace openly shared the reasons for their separation.

They reportedly got into a fight over her relationships with other men. Atila’s enraged act of threatening her life with a knife solidified the breaking point in the issue. Their relationship had been stressed for some time prior to this episode, and this threat turned out to be the turning point.

Following the fight, Atila abruptly left Grace’s house and never came back. He stayed hiding without a legal divorce judgment, even though Grace tried to find him. The Turkish model and bodyguard has been at the center of several scandals, with his violent tendencies and insecurities serving as major focal points.

His abrupt withdrawal from public view only served to fuel rumors, with many believing he was hiding on purpose to avoid answering for his wrongdoing. There was no child shared by the ex-couple. But Atila used to pretend to be Grace Jones’s ex-lover’s father. Atila Altaunbay’s whereabouts are unknown, despite allegations that he returned to his family.

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