Find out more about Jean Christensen and the identity of Andre the Giant Wife

Are you aware of Andre’s enormous wife’s identity? The well-known and well-liked WWF wrestler “Andre the Giant” was married to Jean Christensen. Following their marriage, Jean and Andre have become considerably more well-known, and admirers of Andre have begun to follow Jean as well. We will discuss Jean Christensen, the famous wrestler’s wife, today. We will cover her career, lifestyle, physical attributes, fascinating trivia, and much more.

Jean Christensen: who is he?

In the early 1970s, Jean Christensen was a model and a public relations specialist for the wrestling industry. She was, nevertheless, the late wrestler Andre the Giant’s wife. Along with her father, the couple’s daughter Robyn Christensen is a wrestler.

Andre the Giant, Jean’s husband He wrestled under the name Jean Ferre in Montreal, but went by “Beast Roussimoff” when he was in Japan. However, he spent a few months fighting in Paris and the surrounding areas, where he became well-known as a professional wrestler. The image of AndrĂ©’s wife, Jean Christensen, from the early 1970s

When Jean Christensen first saw Andre the Giant in 1974 while working in wrestling PR, they grew close. Soon after, to Jean’s great astonishment, she discovered she was pregnant.

Despite being married to Andre the Giant, Jean Christensen is said to never have registered their marriage license in the US.

Andre initially does not think Jean is carrying his child, and he rejects her as his own daughter even after Robin is born. In addition, it takes multiple court cases before Andre is taken to the doctor for a blood test. However, it appears that Jean and Andre share the same blood type.

Jean once filed a request for Andre’s financial support of their daughter with the Department of Justice. However, after years of pleading for help, Jean and his daughter Andre agreed to give him roughly $750 every month; eventually, they were able to give him up to $1,000.

The wiki bio of Jean Christensen, aka Andre the Giant Wife

The well-known American-born wife of a French wrestler was named Jean Christensen. She did, however, become especially well-known as the spouse of French professional wrestler and actor Andre the Giant. Jean was a member of the white ethnic group and an American national. Since Jean led a very quiet life, little information about her was posted on social media or any other website.

The Early Life and Education of Jean Christensen

Regarding Jean Christensen’s early life, no further details have been discovered elsewhere;

Other than that, she has never given the world much information about her personal life or school history. But we’ll let you know first if we find out anything about his professional background.

The appearance of Jean Christensen physically

Jean Christensen was approximately six feet five inches tall, with brown hair and eyes. He was also incredibly beautiful. However, Jean was always a beautiful sight in photos with her husband, Andre the Giant.

Jean Christensen’s dimensions are 36-33-36, and her height is around 6 feet 5 inches. Her weight is approximately 49 pounds. Both the hair and the eyes were brown.

John Christensen’s Individual Life

We don’t know a lot about his personal life because he has never been really eager to share it with the world.

In addition, the couple has a stunning child named Robin Christensen who continues to make his father and his name very well-known in the professional wrestling world.

Some fascinating details regarding Jean Christensen. The fact that Jean Christensen’s wife was a well-known French wrestler contributed to his rapid rise to fame. Named Roaming, Jean Christensen and Andre the Giant had a lovely kid.

Competent Wrestler

Her ex-husband Andre passed away in his sleep on the night of January 26, 1993, due to heart failure. Actress and well-known figure Robin Christensen Roussimoff is Jean’s daughter. Additionally, he did not get along well with Jean’s husband, Andre, his wife, or their kid.

After learning of Andre’s passing a month later, Jean and her daughter Robin discover that Andre the Giant was Jean Christensen’s ex-husband. Thus, we have provided an explanation of his biography using data gathered from other sources.

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