An Overweight Big Guy Who Runs Marathons Suggests the Best Running Shoes for People Who Are Overweight

The two most often queries I receive are, “Hey Martinus, what is the best running shoe for fat runners? I’m (insert number) pounds overweight.” and “What shoes do you run in, Martinus?” These two questions come up at least once a week, perhaps more. Usually, I let them know whatever shoe I’m wearing at the moment. Then I remind them that the ideal running shoe for each individual varies. Since shoes are so individualized, what suits me could not suit you. For instance, I have high arches and wear a size 15 shoe. For me, the ideal running shoe is a neutral, highly cushioned shoe. A person with flat feet and a shoe size of 14 might find this style too small. Moreover, the majority of running shoe manufacturers only carry sizes up to 15. Thus, I can only wear specific shoes. I’m not able to go up a size if the shoe runs small. I have to switch to a new model or brand.

Can you understand my words? For this reason, as far as I’m concerned, shoes are really personal.

Determining which running shoe is ideal for you!

To choose the ideal running shoe for you, try on every shoe in your size at your neighborhood running shoe store, in my view. You can run outside or on a treadmill in the sneakers at the locations I visit. Always run in them outside if you have the option. This will provide you with the most realistic experience of running in such shoes. After that, choose your shoe.

The majority of people only need to use the above response to determine which running shoes are ideal for them. Let me go one step farther since for other individuals, that won’t be sufficient. I am unable to recommend the best running shoes for individuals who are overweight. I’ll tell you what I wear now, what I used to wear, why I stopped wearing it, and about some running shoes I tried but didn’t feel comfortable enough for. This provides you with additional information to help you choose the ideal running shoes. I must warn you that results may vary before we begin. Furthermore, I am not being paid by any of the brands I name in this piece to say what I am about to say. These are my sincere thoughts. My objective is to update this site with the running shoes that I’m currently finding to be effective.

The running sneakers I’m wearing right now.

I’m wearing the Hoka One One Clifton 5 as of January 8, 2019. I had only heard positive things about Hoka when I first started jogging, but when I tried them, they didn’t work. Their overlay placement was the thing that bothered me the most. I thus had to give up on Hoka for a long time. They either moved the overlay or eliminated it completely in their most recent update. That adjustment elevated Hoka One One Clifton 5’s to the top of my list of contenders. I adore the pillow-soft ride on long runs and the added cushion without adding weight.

Running shoes I’ve previously worn.

Nike Vomero & Pegasus

The Nike Vomero 6 was my first pair of running shoes when I started jogging in 2012. It felt like you were walking on pillows thanks to the incredible cushioning and fit.

The Nike Vomero and Pegasus are paired together since they resembled one other a lot while I wore them. At the time, these sneakers were the pinnacle of Nike’s cushion neutral running shoe lineup. Yet, the Vomero was more expensive than the Pegasus and was their “Premium Cushioned” sneaker. Since the Pegasus were $30–40 less expensive than the Nike Vomero, I started wearing them since I couldn’t tell a difference when I ran.

Reasons for quitting the Nike Pegasus

One thing I’ve discovered with running shoes is that after you get the ideal shoe, they’ll modify it. Do you recall when everyone got into the minimalist running craze after the publication of the book “Born to Run”? I’m quite happy that fad is gone. Nike made the decision to improve the Pegasus’s “responsiveness.” This indicates that the shoe’s amount of foam and heel-to-toe drop have been decreased. I tried on the upgraded Pegasus that I had purchased, and I detested them. It felt like Nike had deceived me! I switched from jogging on pillows to cinder blocks. Therefore, I had to let them go. I will always hold a particular place in my heart for the Nike Pegasus because I ran my first marathon in them. However, I have to go somewhere else if they don’t meet my needs.

Ghost of Brooks and Glycerin

I embarked on this lengthy and difficult quest to discover the next greatest thing after breaking up with the Nike Pegasus. I tried on approximately eight different pairs of shoes before I finally fell in love with the Glycerin and the Brooks Ghost. The Ghost and Glycerin are Brooks Premier cushion running shoes, just like the Pegasus and Vomero. There was more cushioning and blown rubber on the tread of the Brooks Glycerin. which meant they would last longer, which was a plus for me. The Ghost was nice to me as well, but the Glycerin would last longer for a few dollars more.

Why I no longer wear the Glycerin 14 by Brooks

Similar to Nike, Brooks aimed to make the Glycerin lighter and “more responsive.” They lessen the shoe’s blown rubber content and foam content. Those were the aspects of the shoe that I cherished! View the image below to see the Brooks Glycerin 14 on the left and the Brooks Glycerin 15 on the right.

However, it wasn’t sufficient to alter the shoe’s ride. The shoe was not as sturdy as the one that came before it. When I purchased a pair of Brooks Glycerin 15s, I already owned two pairs of the 14s in my wardrobe. They were finished in half the time it took me to finish the Glycerin 14s! Fortunately, I had those two Glycerin 14 shoes stashed aside until I discovered a shoe that would work for me.

I tried running shoes, but they weren’t comfortable for me.

Sneakers Asics Nimbus and Cumulus

A few years back, I had to return a pair of Asics Cumulus & Nimbus shoes that I had purchased.

Although these were cozy shoes, I found them to be overly bulky and cumbersome. They had to return it because the heel cup’s form bothered my ankles.

In summary

By sharing my story, I hope you’ll realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the best running shoes for overweight athletes. Shoes for running are such a personal matter. There will be folks who tell you one brand is superior than another. In the end, though, what matters most is what fits your foot. The only things that count are fit and personal comfort level. Additionally, I advise you to get multiple pairs of shoes once you discover a style you enjoy. Eventually, your favorite shoes will change, and you may come to detest the change. You can give yourself some time before looking for a new pair of shoes by keeping a few pairs on hand.

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