Andrea Garcia, a Mexican actress, is the daughter of Maria Fernanda Ampudia. In 1974, she wed the actor Andres Garcia, but the couple divorced after only a few months. Their daughter Andrea was born in 1975, but they had to split up because things were not working between them.

Maria’s Bond with Her Offspring

Maria Fernanda Ampudia and her daughter Andrea didn’t spend much time together and had a bad connection. 2018 saw Andrea Garcia go missing for a while due to conflict with her mother. After her father brought up the matter online and there were rumors that she was in danger, she resurfaced and declared herself to be well.

Maria doesn’t have a close relationship with her daughter and only seeks her out when she needs help. She had received a cancer diagnosis some time ago, but in spite of their strained relationship, she made every effort to stay in touch with her daughter.

Her former spouse

The ex-husband of Maria claims to have had romantic encounters with a number of women, and she prefers the younger ones. He’s definitely had his fair share of ladies. During his lifespan, Andres Garcia has been married four times. His first marriage was to Sandra Vale, an actress, with whom he had two actor sons.

After that, he wed Maria, and their union lasted for the least amount of time. After ten years of marriage, Andres’s third marriage to Sonia Infante ended in divorce. Maria’s ex-husband and Margaret Portillo had a love relationship that began in the late 1990s and ended in 2018.

Andres Garcia would have loved to marry a younger woman at this point in his life, although he has also dated younger women.

Life Following Divorce

Life with Maria Fernanda Ampudia wasn’t simple once they split up with Andres Garcia. It’s unknown, though, if she got married again. They don’t get along well, even after she took care of her daughter on her own, and ironically, Andres left his own daughter out of his will. Maria has been battling her problems, even though trying to connect with her family has been extremely difficult due to her cancer.

Her Ex-Husband’s Medical Conditions

In April 2022, Andres made light of the press’s claim that he ended up in the hospital because of his romantic involvement with a younger, attractive woman named Karely Ruiz. But later in the year, Margaret, his wife, discovered that her husband was suffering from pneumonia, that his oxygen levels were low, and that he was dependent on the oxygen tanks for survival.

Due to his extensive drinking, Maria’s ex-husband was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and had multiple hospital stays. His physicians discovered during his most recent hospital stay that he had overdosed, which made it difficult for him to recover rapidly. He also had pneumonia and wasn’t in the best of health. Margaret, his wife, begged his admirers to offer prayers for the actor.

Andres Garcia also made an attempt on his life, saying he was in excruciating pain. Garcia is still going about his life and making the most of the days he has left, despite his declining health.

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