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The most well-known character Kaitlin Becker has played on YouTube is Meekah, the best buddy of Blippi, a well-liked figure in kid’s programming. She has her own YouTube channel, merchandise, and a deal with Netflix because of her popularity with kids. Find out more about the actress that plays the part.

Who is her accomplice? Who is the man’s country? Find out everything you can about her.

Discover Meekah & Kaitlin Becker On Blippi

Actress Kaitlin Becker plays the well-known character Meekah in the YouTube series Blippi in addition to Cashae Monya.

Speaking to the Children’s Media Association about how she acquired the part, Kaitlin revealed that shortly after COVID began, “I got an email from Moonbug Productions that I’d never heard .

She said, “Hey, you’re getting recommended for this character we’re making by some people who know you from Sunny Side Up. Can we get together? And I thought, “Dude, kid stuff.” I don’t know what my issue is, but in New York, they asked if we could just get together for a meeting.

They asked her whether she had heard about Blippi, which she had never heard of before, and since they had met through Zoom due to COVID. They desired Blippi, his closest friend. She saw Blippi emblazoned on underwear while she was in Target. After a character test, she flew to Los Angeles to meet with the team, and she was informed, among other things, that she would be staying there for ten to twelve weeks.

Then Kaitlin learned that she was going to shoot the Amazon kids in Blippa’s tree house.

Meekah made her debut as a supporting role on the Blippi YouTube channel. With the series, she immediately rose to fame, which gave her further opportunities. She started making appearances in the 2021 premieres of the Blippi TV series and its popular Amazon spin-off, Blippi’s Treehouse. The character also made an appearance in the 2023 movie Blippi’s Big Dino Adventure.

In 2022, a Meekah-specific YouTube channel was created with a similar emphasis on kid education. There are presently more than 100,000 users on the platform. Even the individual has around 20,000 followers on their specialized Instagram account. But that’s not all. Meekah is now available on Netflix as well.

She did a variety of occupations in the interim, such as babysitting, and afterwards served as every teacher’s assistant at Goddard School. She spent five years employed there. She went to Kid’s Life for an audition after relocating to New York and got her first job there. Her nephew became enamored of Sunny Side Up after she was cast in the show.

In addition to several in New York, Kaitlin has performed in theaters all around the nation, such as York, Ars Nova, The Wild Project, and The Triad. Kaitlin enjoys music, television, sketch comedy, and improvisation a lot. Kaitlin’s work on NBC’s Sprout Network is what made her most famous.

After getting cleared in 2022, the Netflix series Meekah has been added to the streaming service. The first season consists of 28 episodes. The main character is Meekah, however Blippi makes frequent cameo appearances. The season was extended for him only in August 2023. A cancellation would be astounding considering how beloved the character is.

Becker Kaitlin Total Worth

Kaitlin Becker should have a net worth of more than $1 million in 2023. Since she had participated in every high school musical, Kaitlin had previously shown an interest in and commitment to acting and performance. She attended Northern Kentucky University and obtained a degree in musical theater, despite her desire to live in New York.

Paul Liberty provided Kaitlin with her voice for commercials and animation, Barry Shapiro and Dani Super taught her acting for movies and television, and The Pit Comedy School taught her improv at levels 1 and 2.

See her theater credits in greater detail here.

Additionally, she mentioned on LinkedIn that from 2013 to 2017, she worked as a program manager at NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

Kaitlin Becker’s age

In April of 2023, Kaitlin Becker turned 39. 1984 is her birth year.

What country is Kaitlin Becker from?

Kaitlin Becker is a citizen of the United States. She grew up in Villa Hill, northern Kentucky, after being born in Indiana. Her mother is white, but her biological father is African American, making her multiracial. But she didn’t have a bond with either her biological father or that side of the family.

When Kaitlin was six years old, her mother remarried to a white man. Her half-siblings were among the couple’s three shared children.

Kaitlin Becker, partner

As of right now, Kaitlin Becker and Kelly Martin are wed. September 2011 saw the exchange of vows during their wedding. “Happy 9 years of marriage @kelwcu!” Kaitlin wrote on the occasion of their ninth wedding anniversary. Among the best and easiest choices I’ve ever made.

They have thus been blissfully married for 11 years as of 2023.

“Here he is everyone,” Kaitlin wrote, introducing her son Everett. The world became infinitely better on October 29th when Everett Francis was born! It’s unbelievable that it’s finally here! 🏻👶🏻.

In October 2022, Kaitlin wished her son Happy Everett’s fifth birthday, saying, “Happy 5th birthday to my favorite person on the planet!!” Thank you for making me laugh out loud every day and for teaching me about the world. I’m still in shock that I’m a mother, but I’m incredibly fortunate to be your mom. HBD EVERYTIME!

How tall is Kaitlin Becker?

At 5 feet 6 inches tall, Kaitlin Becker is fairly tall.

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