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The sole child of Tony Hawk, a famed skateboarder, is Kadence Clover Hawk. Her mother is Lhotse Merriam, Tony’s third wife, and her father was one of the most skilled skaters of all time. She also has three stepbrothers from her father.

Biography, Birthday, And Age Of Kadence Clover Hawk

On June 30, 2008, Kadence Clover Hawk was born at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California. As of 2023, she will be 15 years old.

Her middle name, Clover, is English in origin and means “key,” while her name is a combination of the terms “Kadenza” and “Cadenza,” both of which mean rhythm. Kadence and her mother are currently residing in California.

School Education

Other information about her personal life, such as her education and the name of the school she attends, has not been made public.

Kadence Clover Hawk, Tony Hawk’s daughter, has appeared in numerous photographs with her father over the past ten years. Tony always travels with his daughter, whether it’s to a formal event or a weekend trip. She appeared at a number of occasions, including the Inside Out movie premiere and the unveiling of her father’s wax sculpture.

Additionally, Tony has a ton of films showing his daughter overcoming her phobias, picking up new abilities, and, most importantly, becoming independent. She also appreciates her father for teaching her how to skate. The father-daughter pair enjoys each other’s company and skateboarding together.

Tony Hawk’s father, siblings, and family

Speaking of her well-known father, Tony Hawk, who was born Anthony Frank Hawk, is unquestionably one of the most well-known skateboarders of all time. In addition, he owns the Birdman skateboard brand and works as a stuntman, producer, and actor.

One Hawk has been married four times in the past. In 1990, he married Cindy Dunbar, a professional skateboarder, who served as his first wife. Cindy was his high school sweetheart, but after three years, in 1993, they split up. The couple is bleeding from a wound.

In 1996, Tony Hawk married the stunning Erin Lee for a second time. The couple had two boys but divorced after eight years of marriage in 2004.

The third wedding of any week took place in 2006 in Fiji with the lovely Lhote Serriam. The couple was married for five years before ultimately divorcing in 2011. The same can be said for his fourth marriage, which he shares with Catherine Goodman. They are still together and appear to be quite content.

Additionally, Tony is the father of four kids by three separate women. His and Cindy Dunbar’s son is named Riley Hawk. His two sons with Erin Lee are Spencer Hawk and Keegan Hawk. And Kadence Clover, his child with Lhotse Merriam, is his child.

Kadence is treated like a princess by her father Tony and older brothers. Her father and brother see to it that her wishes and needs are met.

Tony, Kadence’s father, has won the most awards on numerous occasions, and his extensive list of accomplishments and acknowledgements includes winning the “most influential skateboarders of all time,” which is one of his proudest achievements.

Value of Kadence Clover Hawk

He calculated the network’s worth as of 2021 to be approximately $150 million based on a number of internet media stories. As far as sources of revenue go, professional skateboarding has been the main one. In addition to this, he has also made a sizeable income from his acting career in movies and television series.

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