Steve Wallis wife Jessica Audrey Wallis

In today’s article we will talk about Steve Wallis and his wife Jessica Wallis. Steve Wallis lost his wife after five years of marriage. Steve Wallis is a Canadian YouTuber. Steve Wallis’s wedding was not a traditional one. Steve Wallis spent a lot of time capping with his wife. Steve Wallis’ relationship with his wife has been an important part of his success.

When Steve Wallis got married, he filmed his wedding on YouTube. Their wedding video went viral and garnered over 640,000 views in just 6 days. Steve Wallis also shared his wedding photo on Instagram showing the wedding day.

Steve Wallis has over 1 million users on his YouTube channel. Steve Wallis has made a lot of money from YouTube. This is not a full time business of his. Apart from this, he also runs the business of heating and cooling.

When Steve Wallis met Jessica for the first time, he fell in love with Jessica. Their first meeting took place in Hungary. Where both took music education and later got married. Steve Wallis proposed to Jessica in Budapest. They then met in Edmonton, where Steve Wallis worked as a cemetery worker. Steve Wallis spent several months camping with Jessica after the wedding, and then went on their honeymoon. When Steve Wallis and Jessica got engaged, they had been dating each other for four years.

Steve Wallis has not yet disclosed the cause of his wife’s death. His followers are very curious to know this. When news of his wife’s death broke, his Twitter account was flooded with condolences. Steve Wallis has also said that he will take a break from social media for some time and will not be able to read people’s sentiments.

According to a report, Steve Wallis’s wife Jessica had a health problem for the last few days. But it was not announced in the media. When she was sleeping at night, she died suddenly. That’s why Steve Wallis is not sure whether his wife died of some disease or suddenly.

Steve Wallis’ wife passed away on Saturday night. When Steve Wallis learned of his wife’s death, he became emotional. Steve Wallis had just returned from the capping trip at that time. When he was talking in his last video, his voice was trembling but in his last video, Steve Wallis talked fiercely about his wife.

Steve Wallis’ wife, Jessica, was a lovely and selfless woman. Jessica often used to give food to the homeless and encouraged people to help the homeless. Jessica worked as a school teacher. Jessica also used to help his wife in work. Jessica also worked as an instructor for an open university.

Steve Wallis didn’t lose his faith in YouTube after his wife’s death. Steve Wallis explained that Jessica was a good driving force behind his work. Jessica loved Steve Wallis very much and always made him laugh.

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